Our People

Gavin Sigley
CEO and Director at LinkSprite (Australia) Pty Ltd

Peter Withey
CFO and Director at LinkSprite (Australia) Pty Ltd

Keith Willis
Technical Director at LinkSprite (Australia) Pty Ltd

Larry Anthony
Director at LinkSprite (Australia) Pty Ltd

Campbell Newman
Director at LinkSprite (Australia) Pty Ltd

LinkSprite (Australia) Pty Ltd

We are an Australian company of professional engineers, scientists, programmers and ex-politicians (many of us with school age children). We believe that Australia in general is increasingly lagging further behind many countries in the presentation and training of STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) to our children. This has motivated us to create our own STEM course material and to provide good quality training platforms such as our STEM Learning Kit

The STEM Learning Kit is intended as a platform for teaching STEM to younger students. We also have other more advanced kits which would be suitable up to and including university level. For educators interested in trialling this kit, we can arrange for a sample order of this kit to be sent to your postal address, (just let us know where you'd like us to send it via our online Order Form or by phone on 1300 765 385). Please feel free to ring us if you have any queries regarding the kit or LinkSprite in general. In the meantime you can view electronic copies of the guide that accompanies the kit and an associated projects manual at the following links...

We are currently reaching out to educators around the country with the aim of partnering with them to help create a new and more relevant STEM curriculum in Australian schools. We believe that these kits are an excellent platform for teaching multi-disciplinary STEM to Australian school students. They are relevant both to industry and academia and are not commercially focused in the sense that they are not a thinly disguised vehicle for selling more kits designed to "lock" schools into a proprietary platform. This is because they are based on open industry standards and can support all of the major software development environments and languages. We have an extensive range of kits and resources available which can be used to facilitate almost any conceivable project.

We believe that Australia needs to be agile and innovative, particularly in this new digital economy. If we are to drive growth and wealth to support our national prosperity, then we must provide meaningful educational opportunities to the next generation. As a technology developer and an employer of technology professionals we feel this more keenly than most since it underpins our own competitiveness and ultimately our business's profitability. We can tell you with some authority that our graduates and school leavers are trailing behind other countries in terms of their skills and experience in mechatronics and coding.

The STEM Learning Kit is designed to support STEM teachers to teach a STEM course. By following the course material provided with the kit, a teacher and their students can quickly learn the basics of mechatronics and software design. The kit will go a long way towards fast tracking the STEM and coding outcomes required to meet the new National Curriculum and help to energise and progress STEM in our schools and universities.

We have been heartened by the Queensland Premier’s recent commitment to teaching coding to children from Prep to Year 10. We have been lobbying the government for over a year to acknowledge and support STEM training in schools and this has been very welcome news. Recently we have presented these kits to a number of selected school principals and organisations. We have also presented one personally to the Prime Minister, The Queensland Premier, the Queensland Minister for Education and the Executive Director of Catholic Education. And hopefully soon to the Chief Scientist. We are also hoping to obtain corporate sponsorship and have received a very positive response from selected Australian business leaders.

If you have any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our Contact Form or by phone on 1300 765 385.