STEM Learning Kit

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Classroom Pack (15 Kits)

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The LinkSprite STEM Learning Kits are an ideal platform for teaching multi-disciplinary STEM to Australian school students. The kit is designed to support STEM teachers teaching STEM courses. It is designed to provide enough course material to enable a teacher to deliver an introductory STEM course to their students who can then quickly learn the basics of mechatronics and software design. Teachers also have the option to gain the necessary proficiency to teach a STEM course using the kit through our online Professional Development Course. The kit will go a long way towards fast tracking the STEM and Coding outcomes required to meet the new National Curriculum and help to energise and progress STEM in our schools and universities.

The kits are relevant both to industry and academia and do not lock schools into a proprietary platform as they are based on open industry standards and can support all of the major software development environments and languages including "C", "Python", "Snap!" and "Scratch". We have an extensive range of kits and resources available which can be used to facilitate almost any conceivable project.

STEM Robotics Kit

$285 inc. GST

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Turn your STEM Learning Kit into a mobile robotic teaching platform with our STEM Robotics Kit. This kit allows students to add their projects as the robot payload.

The robot comes already pre-configured to be remote controlled wirelessly via an Android App which features a streaming video feed from the on-board camera. Since the wireless control utilises the pcDuino's built-in Wi-Fi access point, the robot has a significantly wider range than comparable RF or BlueTooth based systems.

BlackBox Prototyping Kit

$125 inc. GST

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Our BlackBox Prototyping Kit is the logical next step after you've finished developing your project with the STEM Learning Kit and want to deploy it for further testing. It includes a hard-wired button and buzzer and a powerful pcDuino single board computer running Linux.

LinkSprite also provides pre-designed projects to run on the BlackBox such as our handy and easy to use Time Lapse camera project. Simply plug in the camera and a USB stick then turn it on.

"Build Your Own" Tablet Kit

$190 inc. GST

With pcDuino        $305 inc. GST

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Our "Build Your Own" Tablet Kit is intended to familiarise students with the basic components of a Tablet computing device. It features an Android operating system running on a powerful pcDuino single board computer with a 7 inch touch screen.

Students build the tablet using the kit's own cardboard packing box. Once its completed the tablet can then be used to control the LinkSprite Robot.