STEM Robotics Kit

Turn your STEM Learning Kit into a mobile robotic teaching platform with our STEM Robotics Kit. This kit allows students to add their projects as the robot payload.

The robot comes already pre-configured to be remote controlled wirelessly via an Android App which features a streaming video feed from the on-board camera. Since the wireless control utilises the pcDuino's built-in Wi-Fi access point, the robot has a significantly wider range than comparable RF or BlueTooth based systems.

Important Note: This is a companion kit to the STEM Learning Kit and uses components from that kit in its construction.

Kit Contents

Each LinkSprite STEM Robotics Kit includes: 

  • 1 x Robot Acrylic Frame

  • 1 x Metal Ball Castor

  • 2 x Rubber Wheels

  • 2 x DC Motors

  • 1 x Arduino Motor Shield

  • 1 x 5 Volt Battery Pack

  • 1 x Battery Holder

  • 2 x Infrared Distance Sensor Linker Modules